Grow Your Business With Us. 

For advertising partners, we offer:

• Customized marketing solutions.

• Access to broadcast and digital platforms.

• A loyal radio fan base.

• Trusted on-air programming.

• Local market insights for our sales forces.

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Radio is the heart and soul of local communities,

reaching people on the go, at work, and at home.

CFQR 600 is the go-to destination for thousands of

listeners who trust us to bring them the latest news,

entertainment, and trends.

Picture this: Your business message broadcasted

across the airwaves, cutting through the noise and

landing directly in the ears of your target customers.

With our diverse programming and dynamic

audience, you can tailor your message to reach the

demographic that matters most to you. But that's

not all!

We offer a range of advertising packages to suit

every budget. Whether you're a local startup or an

established enterprise, CFQR 600 has an option for

you. From short and snappy spots to engaging

sponsored segments, we'll customize a solution that

aligns perfectly with your marketing goals

We empower advertiser brands by understanding

and growing their customer base across broadcast

and digital platforms. Our tailored solutions create

awareness and drive traffic.